April 7, 2011 Meeting Minutes

Minutes of Cable Advisory Committee
Date of Meeting: 4/7/2011
Start of Meeting: 1:02pm
End of Meeting: 2:22pm
Chairman – Clayton Wood, Selectmen Rep-Gerard LeDuc, Member-Al Douglas
Prior to the discussion of business, minutes of 3/24/11 were corrected and approved.
Correction made: from Gerald to Gerard.
Possibly adding email addresses and phone numbers to web site
Review sections of the Franchise Agreement. Some of the items were:
Recommendation to change name “Cable Advisory Committee” to “Cable Advisory Board”
The purpose is to be consistent throughout the Franchise Agreement
Subscriber Network involving Public Works
Maintenance Log information from Metrocast
The number of actual subscribers
Surveys conducted by Metrocast
Improvement to access channel – potentially broadcasting meetings
Franchise fee payment – Paid to the town – currently it is a zero percent
Notice of cancellation or reduction of coverage
Subscriber rights and consumer protection
Outage Log – produce by Metrocast
Notices to be in writing and to be certified mail to the town
Clayton will submit a letter to the Select Board regarding the recommendation
Generate questions for Metrocast for meeting on April 19
Committee did a walk thru of the Franchise Agreement
Action Items:
Find out the number of actual subscribers
Review a potentially franchise fee with the Town – Metrocast
Get the process of the agreement (Timeline)
Looking into a 2nd channel – if so studio would be needed
Making contacts and visiting other towns that are broadcasting meetings
The possibility of having a town broadcast town meetings for Pittsfield
Meeting Submitted by:
Secretary Al Douglas