April 15, 2015 Minutes

These minutes were posted by the All Board.

Pittsfield All Chairmen Communication
Enhancement Meeting
April 15, 2015

Attendees: Jesse Pacheco (Building Inspector),
Ralph O’Dell (Master Plan Committee), Bill Elkins
(Housing Standards Authority), Ted Mitchell
(Economic Development Committee), Pat Heffernan
(Zoning Board), Helen Schiff (Budget Committee
and SVRDC), Chris Hill (Conservation Commission)

1. Meeting opened 6:35 pm

2. Approval of March 18, 2015 Minutes

3. Discussion – All Board/Committee Forum, May 6th
– Carol Miller, DRED – Broadband Power Point Presentation
– High Capacity/Fast Speed Fiber Optic Cable Currently
Along Rt 28
– Have Invited Gef Freese, Globe and Tom Macmullin, Kentek
Globe is Connected to Rt 28 Cable and Kentek has Great
Broadband Service

4. Discussion – Website Committee
– Doing a Terrific Job and Costing the Town Only a few
Hundred Dollars While Obsorbing Substantial Costs. A Great
Value for Pittsfield
– Disbanding the Website Committee and Contracting the Job
Out Would Cost Thousands for the Taxpayers.

5. Discussion – How to Get Businesses to Move to Pittsfield
– Advertise – EDC Will Work on Creating Ad That Includes
Current Commercial Buildings/Properties Available and Promote
All That Pittsfield Has to Offer
– Need Contacts Who Have Expertise in What Businesses Need
In Order to Move Into Town and How to Make It Happen

6. Discussion – Grace Church of Pembroke
– Interested in Purchasing Medical Building at Loudon Rd
and Rt 28
– If Sold to Church Will be Tax Exempt
– They Must Go to ZBA Since Use Not Allowed There
– Another Option May be The Community Center on Main St
– Ted Will Contact the Church to Invite Them to the Pittsfield
Center Development Corporation Monthly Board Meeting
Thursday, April 16th. Church Representative Can Tour Building to
See if the Community Center is an Option for Them.

7. Miscellanious:
– Zoning Board:
*Working on Creating Suburban District 1 and Suburban District 2
*Working on Lt Industrial/Commercial District 1 and Lt Industrial/
Commercial District 2
*Working on Table of Use
– Check Into Banks That May Assist: Northway, Granite and Profile
– EDC Has Invited Elm Grove Owners to Next Meeting. Discussion
Will be Partnership to Develop Downtown
– EDC Will Invite Gef Freese, Globe to Future EDC Meeting.
Discussion Will be Ideas for Businesses and Development

8. Next Meeting: June 3, 2015

9. Adjourned: 7:47 pm

Minutes taken and Submitted by: ______________________
Ted Mitchell, Chairman EDC