April 23, 2015 Minutes

Pittsfield Conservation Commission (PCC)

Draft Minutes for April 23, 2015 Meeting

Call to Order: 7:06 pm by Chairman Chris Hill

Members Present: Chairman Chris Hill (CH), Owen David (OD),
Carl Wallman (CW), Diana Westgate (DW),
Paul Metcalf (PM), Alternate Bill Miskoe (BM)
and Alternate Ted Mitchell (T.M)

Members Absent: Bryan Mika (BM)

Approval of March 26, 2015 Minutes: Approved with typo corrected

Treasurer’s Report: Treasurer absent – No report

Public Input: None

Old Business:

1. Kimball Easement Information: Tabled until Bryan Mika is
present to provide information.

2. Town Purchase of 37 Main Street: Purchase going forward,
selectmen contracting to get property cleaned up. Will
keep on agenda under old business – Ongoing Interest.

3. Saving Special Places Conference: Best Ever. Great workshops
And much better organized. CH, BM, CW and T.M attended.

New Business:

1. Request to Cut Firewood on Thompson Forest, Lot 24-8:

A. Selectmen forwarded abutting property owner request to
Conservation Commission.

B. Draft Letter to Board of Selectmen:
– Conservation Commission has Management Plan since 2006
– Logged in 2012
– Unanimously voted to send letter that does not support the

C. Commission needs to establish policy for conservation properties
and provide to selectmen.

2. Request from PMHS National Honor Society Advisor to Clean
Up Trails at Sargeant Town Forest:

A. Students have created a “Day of Service” on May 26th
Commission supports clean up. At least one conservation member
should be present.

3. Woodcock Walk:

A. April 24th, 6:30 pm in Northwood at Harmony Hill Farm on
Blake Hill Rd.

4. Bear Paw Update:

A. Attended Fish and Game Event, April 18th.

B. Looking for Events that can be held in Pittsfield.

5. Old Home Day on July 18th:

A. Commission will have table there.

6. Wildlife Videographer/Photographer Alfred Balch, Lyme, NH:

A. T.M thinks Commission should have a fundraiser and have Balch
show his wildlife videos. Good place to have it would be lecture
hall at PMHS or Scenic Theater.

7. Conservation Easement on Carl Wallman’s and George
Batchelder’s Properties:

A. Carl will foot cost for his easement but George may ask
Conservation Commission to held with cost. Carl was trying to get
a feel for whether or not members would support the request if it
was made. Generally, members were sympathetic but need to wait
for specifics of request and see how much money was in treasury at
time of request.

B. Members discussed lack of funding sources for commission. Need

8. Summer Conservation Commission Meetings:

A. On a monthly basis will decide if a meeting is needed. Will give
more freedom for members during summer months.

Adjournment: 8:22 pm

Next Meeting: May 28th

Prepared by: Ted Mitchell

Submitted: Chris Hill, Chairman
Pittsfield Conservation Commission