April 9, 2014 Minutes

These minutes were posted by the All Board.

Pittsfield All Chairmen Meeting
April 9, 2014

1. Meeting opened at 6:36 P.M.

2. Attendees: Ralph O’Dell (Master Plan), Clayton Wood (Planning Board), Carole Dodge (Zoning
Board), Helen Schiff (SVRDC), Ted Mitchell (EDC), and Ellen Barbasso (EDC).

3. Minutes from March 5, 2014. Clayton Wood moved to accept the minutes
Ralph O’Dell seconded the motion; minutes accepted.

4. Update from each board
Zoning Board still needs another member, and an alternate (next year they will be elected)
Cases coming before the board to include:
April 24 – Old Weaving Factory building to be used for bingo, auction, consignment, and farmers
May 8 – home occupation

Website Committee-needs to get an updated list of members on each board

Planning Board – 6 members were voted in
Amendments were accepted (needed to clean up zoning ordinances)
They are putting together a punch list of other things to do
Will discuss downtown zoning district
Will add incentives to get business district downtown back to what it was

EDC- wants to move from the topic of communication (for the all boards/committees) to work
on vision for the town. Purpose: create a united front and long term planning
Would like to get control back from the state for Concord Hill Rd, Main St through to Carroll St
(right now we need approval from the state DOT to do any road work. If we own the roads
we can work on it without approval. The state DOT may be willing to work with us. Ask
them to repave 2 miles on Dowboro and we will take care of Main St
The Select Board can send a letter to DOT to see if they would consider doing it
Town of Pittsfield is in 3 DOT districts
Ted is making a list of individuals and companies that give grant money to non-profits for
different projects. Will write a letter asking what information is necessary for the grant

Master Plan
According to the responses they received, there is a need for senior housing.
Looking at potential sites
Charette Area may be in a flood area. Need to check maps in Town Hall to see where
the flood plain areas are. They are not just along the Suncook River
Elderly housing sounds better than senior housing
Could convert the funeral home to senior housing – they have an elevator, carriage house
has about 7000 square feet
also has different system for getting money to build.
Housing for people who can’t maintain their own property anymore but don’t need
assisted living or nursing home, do need transportation to physicians
Need grant money to build a facility and a non-profit would run it,
CAP comes in to do the paperwork and look for a developer

An area on Tilton Hill (near the ball park) is good for walking or a nature walk
Town owns a building over there-needs to be removed-there is a problem with asbestos
Ball park area can also be used for skating when flooded in the winter

Need to contact Dennis Volpe about the property on Main St where there was a fire. It is
just an open pit now.

5. All boards/committees should prepare a flow chart. Do not have to communicate with all others
every time. Would be helpful for boards that need to work together such as Planning and Zoning
Flow Charts could be exchanged via email, then review it at the next All Chair meeting.

6. Next All Board/Committee meeting focus on downtown. Possible date May 24, but that is
Memorial Day Weekend. Alternative dates are May 17, May 31 or June 7

7. Other issues to be discusses – zoning districts especially where there are splits
One road may have rural on one side and suburban on the other, or one piece of property may
be in two zones
Look at changing the zoning definitions or examine the code and apply it
What is the intended use and what is appropriate? What are the classification uses?

9. Next meeting May 14, 2014 at 6:30 P.M.

10. Meeting adjourned at 7:48 P.M.

Submitted by:
Ted Mitchell, Chairman EDC
Minutes taken by: Ellen Barbasso, Secretary EDC