August 30, 2011 Minutes

Minutes of Cable Advisory Board
Date of Meeting: 8/30/2011
Start of Meeting: 7:44pm
End of Meeting: 8:20pm
Attendees: Chairman – Clayton Wood, Selectmen Rep-Gerard LeDuc , Member-Al Douglas Discussion: Clayton will ask the Selectmen Board sign the Letter of Extension. Clayton attended a Consortium meeting to get information about who the Consortium works. Received materials and have distributed the information to the Cable Advisory Committee. The Committee discussed the information and what some of the procedures are. This information will be given to each town that becomes a member. This information will guide each town as to what they are to do to finalize a contract. Recommendation from the Cable Advisory Committee to the Selectmen is to become a member the newly formed Consortium which consisted of various towns. All towns will pay the same amount which will be 900 dollars. The law firm DTC will provide us with a walk thru of the process to make sure the agreement will be satisfactory to all the towns. The Consortium will be meeting on September 29 and the Cable Advisory Committee will try and attend the meeting. This will depend on the decision the Selectmen make on moving forward.
Action Items: Making contacts and visiting other towns that are broadcasting meetings Attending another Consortium meeting at the end of September Get Selectmen’s to sign off on the Letter of Extension and finalize the franchise agreement.
Meeting Submitted by: Secretary Al Douglas