December 12, 2006 Minutes

These minutes were posted by the Ethics.

Town of Pittsfield, New Hampshire
Ethics Committee
85 Main Street
Pittsfield, New Hampshire 03263
Date/Time : Tuesday December 12, 2006 7:00pm
Location : Town Hall, Small meeting room
Attending : G. Amnott , M. Bahr, R. Vien, H. Vogt, H. Sanborn
Members of Public : J Leanarts, R.Elliott and counsel B. Guida, M. McLaughlin
Excused Absence : none
Unexcused Absence : none
Quorum? : Yes
1. Meeting was called to order at 7:05pm
2. H.Sanborn recused himself from the meeting.
3. Motion made to approve the minutes of 11/29. HV motion, RV second, unanimous
4. The committee reviewed the draft findings of the 11/29 hearing, drafted by Chairman
5. Motion made to accept the findings as written with the single addition as follows :
Recommendation that the selectboard require all land use boards add the clarification
to their Rules of Procedure that abutters must recuse themselves on any discussions.
The Chairman is free to word this recommendation as he sees fit and release the final
findings to the committee and public. MB motion, HV second, unanimous pass.
6. Public comment :
A. Mr. Leanarts said he was happy to hear that someone would require the land use
boards to recuse themselves if abutters.
B. Mr. Guida objects to the word “compelling” in the findings. He also feels that the
recommendation regarding abutters and land use boards should not be included in
the findings.
C. Mr. McLaughlin stated that recommendations do not belong in findings.
7. H.Sanborn joins the meeting.
8. Next meeting was discussed, that the agenda should include 1) Review of the Code of
Ethics, and any changes we would like to submit for a vote and 2) Rules of
Procedures and any changes we would like to implement.
9. R.Vien agreed to find out the deadline for submitting vote requests to the Selectboard,
and if the upcoming meeting is too late, to contact all members to reschedule.
10. Meeting adjourned by Chairman.
Respectfully submitted by Secretary M. Bahr