December 17, 2014 Minutes

These minutes were posted by the All Board.

Pittsfield All Chairmen Communication
Enhancement Meeting
December 17, 2014

Attendees: Larry Konopka (Board of Selectmen), Carole Dodge
(Zoning Board), Ralph O’Dell (Master Plan Committee),
Chris Hill (Conservation Commission), Bill Elkins
(Housing Standards Authority) and Ted Mitchell
(Economic Development Committee)

1. Meeting opened 6:32 pm

2. Approval of November 19, 2014 Minutes:
— 4.A.2.a. Change “Cara Marsden” to “Cara Marston”
— 4.A.4. Change “Berry Av” to “Berry Ave”
— 4.D.3. Change to read “Business owner at 16 Concord Hill Rd
is working on storage section in his new building”
— 5.C. change “can not” to “cannot”

3. Updates from Boards/Committees:
A. Board of Selectmen
— Considering two warrant articles:
+ Combining Welfare Officer and Administrative Asst
into full time employee with benefits package but no
wage increase
+ Changing elected Planning Board from 5 to 7 members
B. Master Plan Committee
— Reviewed Pittsfield’s tax structure
Taxes pretty much the same in towns of similar population
Tax rate in Pittsfield is higher due to lower property values
and much fewer vacation homes
C. Conservation Commission
— Town forest project…reviewing best property(s) to be
designated as a Town Forest (currently there is none)
— Finalized Bear Paw conservation easement on Goose Neck
— Possible warrant article to establish tax credit for property
owners who utilize renewable energy (wind/solar, etc)
D. Housing Standards Authority
— Budget increase approved…increase for operating costs
— File system almost complete
— Have created an emergency contact list…used by HSA,
Fire and Police
— Advertising for deputy inspector…once certified will take
over for Hank and Hank will become backup
E. Economic Development Committee
— Budget approved
— Currently working on letter/information packet to send
to a well known retail chain…in hopes of getting them
to setup a store on Rt 28
F. Zoning Board
— Little Red Hen Gift Shop approved for year round operation
— New alternate approved… Jeffrey Swain
— In January hearing on an in-law apartment
— Working on Zoning definitions: Junk Yards, Signs, etc

4. Next All Board/Committee Forum is January 31, 2015
— Central NH Regional Planning Commission is creating enlarged
satellite maps (with all lot lines superimposed on them) of Rt
28.…forum will discuss, in detail, Rt 28

5. Future of All Chairmen Communication Enhancement Committee
— Will make changes to name, attendees, frequency of meetings
at next meeting

6. Next meeting January 21, 2015 at 6:30 pm

7. Adjourned 7:10 pm

Minutes taken and Submitted by: ______________________
Ted Mitchell, Chairman EDC