December 4, 2013 Minutes

These minutes were posted by the All Board.

Pittsfield All Chairmen Meeting
December 4, 2013

1. Meeting opened at 6:33pm

2. Attendees: Ted Mitchell (EDC), Clayton Wood (PB), Carole Dodge(ZB),
Lyn Roberts (EDC), Ralph O’Dell (Master Plan), Chris Hill
(Conservation), Bill Elkins (Housing Standards), Louis Houle
(Budget), Mike Wolfe (School Board), Helen Schiff
(SVRDC) and Ellen Barbasso (EDC)
Public Members: Fred Hast

3. Topic for discussion: Communication between boards/committees

A. Ted Mitchell sent out minutes of last Joint Board/Committee Forum
B. Clayton Wood – Website gets the most hits for calendar events. The
second highest is minutes for the Select Board
C. Board/Committee Minutes
1. Not all get minutes onto the website and some do but not in timely
a. Some wait until they’re approved
b. Website Committee can post “draft” minutes then replace with
approved later
2. How many people on boards/committees actually check minutes
from other boards/committees? Everyone should to stay informed.
3. Minutes can be emailed to:
4. It is important to keep information up to date

D. Misinformation to the public can be a problem
1. People may hear secondhand about a situation then spread it to
others even if information is wrong or incomplete
2. If we hear someone spreading misinformation we need to correct
3. Don’t over react
4. Would it be possible for each board/committee to put out a brief
newsletter or newspaper article every six months updating
residents on what they are doing?

E. There is a misperception by community that nothing is being done
1. Usually only hear about accomplishments once a year in the
summary of Town Report
2. Need to look at where we want to be in 6-12 months, set goals

4. Should have a common vision and goal

5. What we want for our town?
A. What can draw travelers off Rt 28 and into the downtown?
1. Unique crafts, art, antiques, shops, recreation opportunities,
bike paths, trails
2. Repair sidewalks – no long term plan for it
a. Main Street Recovery – can help sidewalks be repaired
b. Need to get property owners to want sidewalks repaired/
3. Need parking
a. People used to walk places in town
b. Not all places have good parking (example – Portsmouth,
Boston) but still attract people
c. We have better snow removal than other towns around us
B. Need to attract young people to visit/live

6. Need to look at income of the town
A. Town not run like a business
1. Not collecting outstanding bills
2. Money is going out, not as much coming in
3. Need to get control of income

7. Common Goals:
A. Give hope to residents
B. We have a hidden resource — more people are interested in building
the town than in other communities

8. Joint Board/Committee Forum will be scheduled in early February

9. Next meeting is January 15, 2014 at 6:30 pm

10. Adjournment at 7:45 pm

Minutes taken by: Ellen Barbasso, EDC Secretary

Submitted by: ____________________________
Ted Mitchell, EDC Chairman

Approved: January 22, 2014