February 18, 2015 Minutes

These minutes were posted by the All Board.

Pittsfield All Chairmen Communication
Enhancement Meeting
February 18, 2015

Attendees: Clayton Wood (Planning Board), Carole Dodge
(Zoning Board), Ralph O’Dell (Master Plan Committee),
Chris Hill (Conservation Commission), Bill Elkins
(Housing Standards Authority) and Ted Mitchell
(Economic Development Committee), Pat Heffernan
(Zoning Board), Helen Schiff (Budget Committee
and SVRDC)

Presenters: Ron Vien – Sewage Treatment, Donna Ward (EDC) –
Rt 28 Lots and Owners

1. Meeting opened 6:35 pm

2. Discussion – Sewer Lines and Capacity:
– 400,000 Gallon Capacity
– 250,000 Gallon Utilized (100,000 Storm and
Sump Pump Water – Must be Eliminated)
That Will Leave 100,000 Available for Expanded use
– Only 80% of Capacity Can be Used Then the
Treatment Plant Needs to be Expanded
– Most Sewer Lines Have Been Cleaned and
Photographed – The Rest Will be Done in Spring.
Photographs Will be Analyzed for Cracks, Leaks,
High Flow, etc.
– Rt 28:
— Before New Sewer Lines are Planned, Zoning
Must Identify Development Areas and the Type of
Businesses Will be Planned in Each. Then Water
and Sewage Use Can Be Estimated and
Determination be Made if Particular Water and
Sewer Lines Can Handle the Increase

3. Discussion – Rt 28 Lots/Owners/Potential Development Areas:
– Properties Currently for Sale Were Identified
– Identified Properties Owners are Likely to Put
Up for Sale
– Potential for Several Adjacent Properties for
Sale Were Identified
– Question Asked – What Are Developers Looking
For and What Turns a Developer Away? Ted Will
Check with Stuart Arnett (Arnett Development
Group and TRB Development Group to Find Out.
– Ted Will Check With Cara Marston to See if the
Company That Does Pittsfield’s Tax Maps Can,
for a Reasonable Price, Create a Large Version of
the Rt 28 Map that Donna Ward Pieced Together.
It Will be Useful at the Next All Board/Committee

4. Approval of January 21, 2015 Minutes – No Changes

5. Discussion – Broadband:
– Inadequate for Pittsfield Businesses
– Senator Reagan Has Contacted Broadband Providers
To Get Them to Up Their Game in Pittsfield
– Ted and Clayton Will Create Separate Tailored
Surveys for:
— Businesses
— Town Government Departments
— Residents
Will Have Results Before Next Forum
– Clayton Will Draft Letter to the Board of Selectmen
Requesting Their Approval for the Pursuit of
Broadband Information. The Economic
Development Committee Will Send it Under
Their Letterhead.

6. Discussion – Cell Phone Service:
– Verizon and Sprint Provide Best Service
– US Cellular is Pretty Good
– AT&T is Bad
– Instead of Another Cell Tower the Use of Boosters
May Work. If Possible This is How Service Should
Be Improved.
– Senator Reagan Has Asked if Pittsfield Can Use
A Cell Tower to Improve Service. Ted Will Contact
Him to Get Information on How to Approach
Cell Tower Installers and Get Contact Information.
– Why Can’t Service Providers Rent More Space on
Current Towers?

7. Update From Boards/Committees:
– Planning Board and Conservation Commission Must Review
The Property at 37 Main Street as per RSA 41:14-A Prior to
The Selectmen’s Actions
– Zoning Board is Reviewing Zoning Districts and Identifying
Water & Sewer Line Locations. Must Documentation Has Been
– Conservation Commission Was Pursuing Warrant Article for the
Establishment of a Town Forest on Town Owned Property on
Rocky Ridge. The Board of Selectmen Voted Against it so There
Won’t be a Warrant Article This Year. Will Revisit it Next Fall.

8. Next Meeting: March 18, 2015

9. Adjourned: 8:03 pm

Minutes taken and Submitted by: ______________________
Ted Mitchell, Chairman EDC