June 3, 2012 Meeting

Pittsfield Beautification Committee
June 3, 2012

The Committee met at the home of Theresa Riel.
Carole opened the meeting at 7:05 pm.

Members Present: Carole, Tina, Theresa, Nancy, Carol, Paula, Ted, Gail

Members Absent: Ida, Nicole, Jason

Treasurer’s Report:

Collection boxes in town yielded $39 in donations.
Tina purchased hanging plants from Osbornes at a considerable discount.
Carole will contact Judith to find out what flowers she wants purchased for her donation.
We have still not received donations from 2 sponsors. Carole will follow up with Nicole.

Tina sent thank you letters to all donors.

Old Business:

Nancy spoke with Dan Schroth and reported that 4 pallets of weathered granite will be needed for the Washington House Lot. Joe Darrah has the ledge rock and will begin excavating the lot the day after labor day. Sod being removed will be sent to the Aranosian Lot.

Nicole purchased and planted pansies and other flowers in 3 of the gardens, they look very good. Carole will be contacting her to schedule a meeting to update us.

Carole gave Carol Clayton Wood’s email address to send approved meeting minutes for posting on the Pittsfield web site. She also gave her Jason’s email address so he could be notified of meetings.

Carole will be doing the flags again this year, the Cub Scouts never got in touch with her, and the Boy Scouts don’t appear to be interested in doing it. She may contact the Historical Society to see if they can help.

New Business:

The following water/weeding schedule for the 7 gardens was agreed upon:

June 10-16 Carol and Nicole (if available)
June 17-23 Theresa and Paul
June 24-30 Gail and Paula
July 1-7 Nancy and Ted
July 8-14 Carole and Tina
July 15-21 Carol and Nicole
July 22-28 Theresa and Paul
July 29 – Aug 4 Gail and Paula
Aug 5 – 11 Nancy and Ted
Aug 12-18 Carole and Tina
Aug 19-25 Carol and Nicole
Aug 26 – Sept 1 Gail and Paula
Sept 2 – Sept 8 Nancy and Ted
Sept 9 – Sept 15 Carole and Tina

Ted is going to check with the new owners of the building near the Washington lot to see if we can use the hose. Water for the other lots is available at the fire station. Ted is also going to be checking on the cost of a flower for potentially planting in our gardens. The flower blooms almost all summer and he has it in his garden at home.

Those with pick up trucks can use the barrels with pumps for watering.

Committee members were told they can remove any signs that may be put in the gardens. We have the full support of the selectmen.

There was a lengthy discussion about the Family Dollar lot, but since it is private property the Committee did not feel they could do anything about it. The concern was that weeds would eventually grow out of the rocks. Planters would look so much better.

Because of the expense of the rock, Paula will be writing a letter to the Suncook Sun requesting donations and the Committee will look into additional fundraisers during Old Home Days. Paul Rogers has a canopy which he has offered to the Committee if we want to do any fund raising in front of Jitters, perhaps a plant sale.

Next Meeting and Adjournment:

The next scheduled meeting will be held at Theresa’s house . Carole will notify the committee once she gets a date that Nicole can attend.

The meeting adjourned at 8:25 pm.