March 18, 2015 Minutes

These minutes were posted by the All Board.

Pittsfield All Chairmen Communication
Enhancement Meeting
March 18, 2015

Attendees: Clayton Wood (Planning Board), Carole Dodge
(Zoning Board), Jesse Pacheco (Building Inspector),
Ralph O’Dell (Master Plan Committee), Bill Elkins
(Housing Standards Authority), Ted Mitchell
(Economic Development Committee), Pat Heffernan
(Zoning Board), Helen Schiff (Budget Committee
and SVRDC)

1. Meeting opened 6:32 pm

2. Approval of February 18, 2015 Minutes
– Under 2. Discussion – Sewer Lines and Capacity
add “lagoon capacity” after “Treatment Plant Needs to expand”

3. Discussion – Water/Sewer:
– Provided Priority List
– Will Give to Ron Vien to Verify Priorities, Completeness and
See if #5 (Feasibility Study for Expansion Can be Done By
Town or Should be Included in Grant Application

4. Discussion – Improving Cell Phone Service
– Economic Development Committee is Having Individuals Who
Use Various Cell Phone Service Providers Evaluate Reception
At Specific Locations in Pittsfield
– Helen Schiff (Verizon Service) Will Evaluated Her Reception

5. Discussion – Broadband:
– Ted and Clayton Will Create Survey Questions for Businesses
– Businesses Will be Contacted In Person to Discuss These
– Prior to This Clayton Will Discuss With Al Douglas Member
of Board of Selectmen and Broadband Committee to Get
Recommendation on What Method Should be Used to Get
Approval to Pursue This (EDC Letter to BOS?).

6. Update From Boards/Committees:
– Zoning Board: Is Reviewing Zoning Districts. Talked with
Central NH Regional Planning Commission and Got Guidance on
How to Proceed and Put Information Together. Issues with
Definitions and Table of Uses
– Housing Standards Authority: All But One Article Proposed by
HSA at Town Meeting Passed. There Was Confusion on the One
That Failed (State Regulation on Distance From Structure an
Outdoor Grill Could be). Will be Placed on Next Town Meeting
– Master Plan Committee: Put Demographic Information in The
Sun and Asked for Comments. No One Responded. Aging
Population Will Impact Businesses and the Town in Other Ways.
– Planning Board: Will Discuss Placing Audio Tapes of Meetings
– Building Inspector: Committee Will Meet to Discuss and
Recommend Changes to Permit and Inspection Fees. Discussed
37 and 33 Main Street Properties.

7. Next All Board/Committee Forum:
– Will be Wednesday, May 6, 2015, 6:30pm – 8:30pm
– Ted Will Email All Concerned and See if Date/Time is OK.

8. Next Meeting: April 15, 2015

9. Adjourned: 7:48 pm

Minutes taken and Submitted by: ______________________
Ted Mitchell, Chairman EDC