March 24, 2011 Meeting Minutes

Minutes of Cable Advisory Committee

Date of Meeting: 3/24/11
Start of Meeting: 7:04pm
End of Meeting: 8:03pm

Chairman – Clayton Wood,   Selectmen Rep-Gerard LeDuc, Member-Al Douglas

Prior to the discussion of business, Clayton Wood was elected Chairman and Al Douglas was elected Secretary of the Cable Advisory Committee.

Chairman Clayton Wood gave a brief explanation of the history of the Cable Advisory Committee and how it was formed.    There was a request for the website committee to take over CH24 and that was denied so the Cable Advisory Committee was formed.  Per discussion with Metrocast there has not been any major complaints based on the service by Metrocast that has been provided.  People are looking at CH24 and the channel is underutilized.  Discussion of the Franchise agreement will be presented by Metrocast at a meeting in April.  The tentative date for the said meeting is April 19 at the Town Hall.  The agreement will be expiring in August of 2011.  Also the Chairman Clayton Wood and member Al Douglas will try and meet with existing public access stations in towns that are broadcasting meetings on their channel. 

Action Items:
Meet to establish strategy regarding CH 24
Meet with other towns using public access to record meetings.
Meet with Metrocast regarding Franchise Agreement 


Meeting Submitted by:
Secretary Al Douglas