March 26, 2015 Minutes

Pittsfield Conservation Commission (PCC)

Draft Minutes for March 26, 2015 Meeting

Call to Order: 7:00 pm by Chairman Chris Hill

Members Present: Chairman Chris Hill (CH), Owen David (OD)
And Alternate Ted Mitchell (T.M)

Presenter: Mark West, Bear Paw

Approval of February 26, 2015 Minutes: Approved as written

Treasurer’s Report: Treasurer absent – No report

Public Input: None

Old Business:

1. Kimball Easement Information: Tabled until Bryan Mika is
Present to provide information.

2. Town Purchase of 37 Main Street: CH and OD attended public
hearing on March 17, 2015 and supported the purchase. Will keep
on agenda under old business – Ongoing Interest.

New Business:

1. Town Audit: Auditor wants to know where the $30,000.00 for
Donation to Bear Paw came from (originally). It is from
Conservation Commission earnings from % of Lumber Sales over the
many years the commission has exited.

2. Bear Paw Map Presentation:

A. Two co-occurrence Analysis maps were presented. One showing
all towns within Bear Paw and the diverse areas of interest (color
coded). The second an enlargement of Pittsfield with the same
color coding showing the greatest areas of diversity.

Noted that the more diverse land areas are the greatest chance of
plant/animal survival should there be severe climate issues.

B. A binder was provided that is the baseline documentation of the
Crooked Run Conservation Easement. This includes all limitations
and rights everyone involved have. CH will make this binder
available to the town administrator to review.

C. Bear Paw plans conservation workshops on easements in Pittsfield
for everyone interested.

3. Saving Special Places Conference: Saturday, April 11th in Weare,
NH. CH, and T.M are attending. OD probably will. Will meet at town
hall at 7:00 am before leaving for conference (T.M will drive).

4. File Cabinet: We probably need a work session (possibly on a
Saturday) to get file completely reviewed and organized.

Adjournment: 7:58 pm

Next Meeting: April 23rd

Prepared by: Ted Mitchell

Submitted: Chris Hill, Chairman
Pittsfield Conservation Commission