March 29, 2006 Minutes

These minutes were posted by the Ethics.

Town of Pittsfield, New Hampshire
Ethics Committee
85 Main Street
Pittsfield, New Hampshire 03263
Date/Time : Wednesday March 29, 2006 7pm
Location : Town Hall, Small meeting room
Attending : G. Amnott , H. Vogt, H. Sanborn, R. Vien
Members of Public : none
Excused Absence : M. Bahr
Unexcused Absence :
Quorum? : Yes
1. Meeting was called to order at 7:00pm
2. Minutes from 03/08/06 were approved.
3. Election of officers:
Chair- Glen Amnott
Vice Chair- Hugh Sanborn
Secretary- M. Bahr
4. Reviewed procedures to be followed for complaints filed with the committee.
4. Chair reminded all committee members to be sworn in within the next 30 days.
5. Chair to review with selectmen date for presentation to newly elected officials and
6. Web to be updated with current versions of all documents including Code of Ethics
7. The next meeting time was set at Wednesday, April 26, 2006.
8. Meeting was adjourned by the Chairman at 7:30 p.m.
Respectfully submitted by Acting Secretary H. Vogt