May 19. 2015 Minutes

These minutes were posted by the Selectmen.

Town Office, 85 Main Street
Pittsfield, New Hampshire 03263

MAY 19, 2015

5:30 PM Call to Order





  1. Rite Aid – Request for Temporary Storage Container
  2. 37 Main St Units 4&5



  1. Building Permit Fees & Fines
  2. 42 Chestnut Street Railings for Chris Ward
  3. Parking Ordinance Amendment


  1. Intent to Cut: R41-6 Richard & Georgia Vincent



  1. May 5, 2015 Public Meeting Minutes


RSA 91-A:3, 11(c) Matters which, if discussed in public, would likely affect adversely the reputation of any person, other than a member of the public body itself, unless such person requests an open meeting. This exemption shall extend to any application for assistance or tax abatement or waiver ofafee, fine, or other levy, if based on inability to pay or poverty of the applicant.





Call to order at 5:30 P.M. by Eric Nilsson, Chairman


Eric Nilsson (EN), Chairman, Albert Douglas (AD), Vice-Chairman, Gerard LeDuc (GL), Denis Beaudoin (DB), Nicholas Hayes (NH) Michael Williams (MW), Town Administrator, and Delores Fritz, Recording Secretary.



Ricky Dielernans: I was in last meeting with some concerns about Arnenico running three compressors for the refrigeration 24/7. Town Administrator indicated he has nothing new about this. (MW) I have asked the Building Inspector to follow-up on this. Ricky Dielemans: What exactly was the Building Inspector asked to do? (MW) He was asked to look into the compressors running 24/7 at Arnenico. We will have an answer for you next meeting.

Adam Gauthier: I noticed in last meeting Minutes that Board is seeking to institute a parking ban from midnight to 5:00 A.M. Which businesses are going to be helped by this parking ban? I am not against it. It would be better during the day to address maybe the silver Volvo that is parked in front of Molly’s for five days where there is a two-hour limit.

Adam Gauthier: Question on the Depot Street sandlot. Why was the bid process waived? It has been sitting there for years; why not wait a few more weeks and get some bids and save money? (EN) Basically, it is a safety issue which this Board addressed. (MW) Previously, it was not Town property. Adam Gauthier: What


did it cost? (MW) $13,500. Adam Gauthier: Why couldn’t we have waited another 4-5 weeks using the bid process and maybe saved the Town $4-5 T? It has been sitting there for so long that another four weeks or so would not have hurt it. We might have gotten a lower bid.

Jim Pritchard: The answer to that question Mr. Williams is that it would not have hurt to get a lower bid but now there is no chance.

Close Public Input AGENDA REVIEW

(NH) Monies that will be directed to EDC; (AD) Update on Aqueduct Purchase Committee; (EN) Pole on Route 28 by Globe Manufacturing, Board Meeting Times.


Eric Nilsson, Chairman: The Board would like the public to be made aware that Town Administrator Michael Williams is not running the Town of Pittsfield The Town is being run by the Board of Selectmen. There has been a lot of “scuttlebutt” about this. Town Administrator is addressing issues under the advisement of the Board of Selectmen.


  1. Fire Chief Robert Martin

Fire Chief Robert Martin was present.

(EN) This is something that we will be doing with all the Department Heads; just meeting to get a summary of what you need.

Chief Martin: Everything is going smoothly now. He related some of the multiple services the apparatus are requiring, training, fire inspection class, disposing of old equipment, outfitting firefighters, Lieutenant position and Pittsfield’s assistance in firefighting in other towns.

Board questioned which vehicles were due for removal in 2016 as well as the current value of the apparatus.


Chief Martin also presented a document to the Board from Lakes Region Hospital pertaining to GPS mapping which required signature.

(GL) Motion to authorize Town Administrative to sign document Lakes Region Hospital regarding Emergency 911 GPS mapping. (AD) Second. Carried 5-0.



  1. Rite Aid – Request for Temporary Storage Container

(MW) This is the same request as last year to allow storage containers on the property for holiday season (Oct-Nov-Dee).

(GL) Motion to approve Rite Aid request for temporary storage containers on property for October, November, and December 2015. (DB) Second. Carried 5-0.

(EN) If this has to be through Zoning Board, could you find the necessary paperwork for them? (MW) to do.

  1. 37 Main Street – Units 4 and 5

(MW) This is really for information purposes, the transactions are complete and we now have the Deeds for Units 4 and 5. Those properties are officially the Town’s. Town Counsel is working on acquiring Unit 3.

  1. WWTF – Aerator Motor
  2. WWTF – Pump Station Pump Replacement

(MW) One of the aerator motors at the WWTF has failed. A rebuilt one would cost about $1,800 (no warranty) and a new one would cost about $2,300. Both the aerator motor and pump station pump need to be replaced but are not “urgent.” (MW) will research information further for warranty information, etc. and Board agreed it would be addressed at next Board meeting.

(NH) How long will these items be part of the system with the new updates that will be done pertaining to the new compliances for the WWTF? If we are going to have to swap these out in a year or so, then what? (MW) will research.

(EN) If Board has any questions, please contact Mike.


  1. Property Auction

(MW) In your packet of information, I have attached a list of 19 properties along with the tax cards and tax maps for your review to propose auctioning some of these properties. These properties can also be viewed on Google Earth. Board can review and we can discuss at a future meeting.

(EN) This will be on the Agenda for the next meeting. We can finally do something with these properties.


  1. Aqueduct Committee Update – Fred Okrent

(AD) The committee met last night and has a letter to present to the Board of Selectmen. Fred Okrent is here tonight to summarize.

Fred Okrent: He presented a letter to the Board with recommendations for acquiring the assets of the Pittsfield Aqueduct Company from Pennichuek Corporation and the City of Nashua including retaining consultant, scheduling the public information session, public hearings, special Town meeting, and establishing a water precinct which would be entirely responsible for repaying the bond. He also related that any and all acquisition costs may be included in any bond issue used to finance the acquisition and that municipal bonds are being issued at favorable rates.

Fred Okrent: The Town can go forward with purchasing the Pittsfield Aqueduct company at a cost of approximately the $3-4 M range. It is the opinion of the committee that this would result in lower water charges over time. Grants are available for part of the purchase and low interest loans. Town counsel should assist with the entire process and the committee can help with the acquisition process as well as the Warrant Article and Ordinance.

(AD) Board can review this letter and report by George Sansoucy, though his report cannot yet be released for public review.

(MW) Have you engaged counsel yet? Fred Okrent: No, just George Sansoucy. The process of establishing a water district, bond enforcement and other establishment issues would be part of the Town counsel’s review. Should the Board decide to proceed with this, then Board will need to address with Town counsel.


  1. Selectman Hayes Stipend

(NH) Per my request, the stipend that is offered to those serving as Selectman will be transferred to the EDC rather to myself personally.

  1. Light Pole – Globe Manufacturing

(MW) I have left several messages with DOT and to date they have not responded. George has also addressed this with them but they have not responded to him either. (EN) Mike, can you continue to contact them and also send a letter. (There are two poles at the location, the new replacing the old, but DOT has not yet done so. The two poles have been there for quite a while.)

  1. Board of Selectmen Meeting Time

(EN) I have heard this several times that 5:30 P.M. is too early for people to attend the Board meeting. I would like to see what are the Board’s feelings on this? We will discuss at next Board meeting.


  1. Building Permit Fees & Fines Pending
  2. 42 Chestnut Street Railings for Christ Ward Pending
  3. Parking Ordinance Amendment

(MW) Board discussed this last meeting and this is the draft of the language to address the parking ordinance. A Public Hearing should be scheduled.

(NH) Is there two hour parking there now? (MW) Yes, but in order to enforce, a dedicated person would have to be assigned to document the time sequences and this would be a time intensive issue. A block of time would be easier to enforce. In order to enforce it would be a full-time issue.

(NH) Motion to approve Public Hearing for Parking Ordinance Amendment for June 2, 2015. (AD) Second. After brief Discussion: Carried 5-0.

Discussion: (AD) Has George been contacted? (MW) No, the main issue for George would be the times for snow removal and the amendment would cover that period of time. I will request that George be present for the Public Hearing.



  1. Intent to Cut Tax Map R41, Lot 6: Richard & Georgia Vincent (MW) This is all in order.

(AD) Motion to approve Intent to Cut Tax Map R4 1, Lot 6 for Richard & Georgia Vincent. (GL) Second. Carried 5-0.

  1. Clattenburg Junkyard Licenses

(MW) This is for two licenses because they have not been licensed in a couple of years due to lack of follow-up. The Fire Chief and the Building Inspector have both approved the inspection process for 2014 and 2015. Another license request will be coming up again in July for 2016. This is all in order.

(AD) Motion to approve Junkyard License for Clattenburg for 2014 and 2015. (GL) Second. Carried 5-0.

(DB) Is this done yearly? (MW) Yes. (EN) So will they have to have another inspection in July? (MW) I believe there are some pending issues which would be relative to the 2016 license.

  1. Property Tax Levy

(AD) Motion to approve the Property Tax Levy for $3,888,163. (DB) Second. Carried 5-0.

(NH) This is for existing properties? (MW) Yes, the tax is based on April 1, 2015.

  1. Neal – Temporary Hawker & Peddler License through June 2, 2015

(MW) This would be the same license he applies for each year, but for some reason we are unable to locate the paperwork from last year and a new background check will be accomplished.

(GL) Motion to approve temporary Hawker & Peddler License for Christopher Neal through June 2, 2015. (AD) Second. Carried 5-0.



(GL) Motion to approve Payroll and Direct Deposit. (AD) Second. Carried 5-0.

(GL) Motion to approve Accounts Payable and Checks Register. (AD) Second. Carried 5-0.


  1. Public Session Minutes of May 5, 2015

(AD) Motion to approve Public Session Minutes of May 5, 2015. (NH) Second. Carried 4-0. (GL) Abstain.


Jim Pritchard: The 14 Depot Street has been there at least eight years and it would have taken a little longer with the bid process but might have saved Town money.

The ZBA does not have any ordinances pertaining to storage containers and it would not be through the Planning Board. The Board of Selectmen should issue the permit, it is a Town Ordinance.

The purchase of the Pittsfield Aqueduct should be addressed at the regular Town Meeting rather than have a Special Town Meeting.

Close Public Input


(GL) Motion to go into Non-Public Session per RSA 91-A:3 11(a) – The dismissal, promotion or compensation of any public employee or the disciplining of such employee or the investigation of any charges against him unless the employee affected: (1) Has a right to a meeting, and (2) Requests that the meeting be open, in which case the request shall be granted; and RSA 91-A:3 II (c) – Matters which, if discussed in public would likely affect adversely the reputation of any person other than a member of the Board itself, unless such person requests an open meeting. (DB) Second. Carried 5-0. Individual members of the Board were polled and all agreed.

Board went into Non-Public Session at 6:35 P.M.


Board returned to Public Session at 6:56 P.M.

NOTE: RSA 91-A (III) Minutes of proceeding in non-public session shall be kept and the record of all actions shall be promptly made available for public inspection, except as provided in this section. Minutes and decision reached in non-public session shall be publicly disclosed within seventy-two (72) hours of the meeting, unless, by recorded vote of 2/3 of the members present, it is determined that divulgence of the information likely would affect adversely the reputation of any person other than the members of the Board, or render the proposed action ineffective. In the event of such circumstances, information may be withheld until, in the opinion of a majority of members, the aforesaid circumstances no longer apply.

Shall the Minutes be publicly disclosed?        No.

Motion made by (GL) and Seconded by (AD) to not publicly disclose the Minutes because it is determined that divulgence of the information likely would affect adversely the reputation of any person other than a member of the Board and render the proposed action ineffective. Individual members of the Board were polled and all agreed. Carried 50.

Individual members of the Board were polled and all agreed.


(GL) Motion to adjourn. (DB) Second. Carried 50. Meeting adjourned at 7:00 P.M.

Approved: June 2, 2015


Eric Nilsson,k~a7innati


Olympus: 1:06:40

o -is–i.c



I hereby certify that these Minutes were recorded by me on May 19, 2015, transcribed and publicly posted on May 21, 2015.

Delores A. Fritz, Recording e,94-ctary





May 18, 2015

Selectboard, Town of Pittsfield 85 Main St.

Pittsfield, NH, 03263

The Aqueduct Purchase Committee was formed to inquire, investigate and determine whether or not to recommend the purchase of the Pittsfield Aqueduct Company and/or it’s assets. The committee has been meeting since July, 2013 and has received the preliminary report of our consultant. We have, individually and collectively, reviewed said report and discussed the contents with our consultant, which has led us to make the following recommendations:

  1. The town should move to acquire the assets of the Pittsfield Aqueduct Company from Pennichuck Corporation and the City Of Nashua.
  2. The town should move to retain our current consultant to act as agent for the town in the acquisition of the assets of the Pittsfield Aqueduct Company.
  3. The town should schedule the appropriate public information sessions to thoroughly and completely inform the taxpayers and voters of the process, implications, benefits, and pitfalls of the acquisition.
  4. The town should schedule the appropriate public hearings to discuss all the pertinent issues involved in the acquisition.
  5. The town should schedule a special town meeting to vote on the issue.
  6. A water precinct or water district should be formed to insulate non-users from financial obligations incurred. At this time, the committee would like to remind the Board of certain facts.
  7. In accordance with items 2 & 3 of the Assumptions and Limiting Conditions (pg. 49 of the report), the contents of the preliminary report may not be made public without the written consent of the report author.
  8. Any and all acquisition costs may be included in any bond issue used to finance the acquisition.
  9. Grants may well be available for at least part of the acquisition costs.
  10. Low interest loans may well be available for at least part of the acquisition costs.
  11. Town Counsel should be kept apprised of and may need to be part of the proceedings.