October 22, 2014 Minutes

These minutes were posted by the All Board.

Pittsfield All Chairmen Meeting
October 22, 2014

1. Meeting opened at 6:32 P.M.

2. Attendees: Ralph O’Dell (Master Plan), Helen Schiff (SVRDC)
Carole Dodge (Planning Board), Clayton Wood (Planning Board), Larry
Konopka (Board of Selectmen), Ted Mitchell (EDC), and Ellen Barbasso (EDC).

3. Minutes from September were not available, will be voted on at next meeting.

4. Updates from Boards/ Committees
1. Submitted a budget requesting in increase of $2,500 to pay for CNHRPC
update information from Matt Monahan; Stuart Arnett and Matt Monahan
facilitating all boards forum
2. In contact with George Batchelder regarding sidewalks that need repairing.
EDC is sending a letter of Board of Selectmen asking for their support
3. Ted is going to an annual NH Economic Development Association seminar in
North Conway
B. SVRDC-waiting for property to be available
C. Housing
1. Hank Fitzgerald is officially the housing inspector
2. Ammy Ramsey is the administrator-records have been updated and she can
project income for the next 6 months.
D. Planning Board
1. Working on subdivision regulations
2. Working on amendments to redo definitions of combined residence/business
and home occupation
3. Planning another joint Planning Board/ZBA meeting
E. Zoning Board
1. There is a home occupation for restoring antique vehicles
2. Old Jitters location will be a new restaurant (Molly’s Tavern)
3. Rustic Crust neighbors have contacted the ZBA
F. Master Plan
1. Visiting senior centers to see how they are set up and operating
2. They are also discussing some issues that the welfare officer is noticing
G. Board of Selectmen
1. All budgets are being reviewed
2. New company is taking over the waste water treatment plant
3. There is a new rep from the BoS to the Planning Board
5. The next All Board/Committee Forum
A. Will be in January, 2015 (date to be determined)
B. Get support for Town Meeting
C. Discuss issues involving building up Rt 28 and downtown

6. Next meeting November 19, 2014 at 6:30 P.M.

7. Meeting adjourned at 7:24 P.M.

Submitted by:
Ted Mitchell, Chairman EDC
Minutes taken by: Ellen Barbasso, Secretary EDC