September 27, 2014 Minutes

These minutes were posted by the All Board.

Pittsfield All Boards/Committee Forum
September 27, 2014

1. Meeting opened at 9:23.

2. Attendees: Matt Monahan (CNHRPC/Facilitator), Stuart Arnett (Arnett Development
Group/Facilitator), Clayton Wood (Planning/Web Site), Ralph Odell (Master Plan)
Carl Wallman (Conservation Commission), Pat Heffernan (Zoning Board),
Bill Miskoe (Planning Board), Jim Pritchard (Planning/Master Plan),
Diana Westgate (Conservation Commission), Helen Schiff (Housing Standards/
SVRDC), Helen Shopmeyer (Master Plan, BC), Denis Beaudoin (Zoning Board),
Paul Sherwood (EDC), Ellen Barbasso (EDC), and Ted Mitchell (EDC)

3. The purpose of the All Chair Committee (sub committee of All Board/Committee
Forum) is to maintain momentum through communication, and to act as advisory to
the forum. It does not make decisions.
New name: Chairmen Communication Enhancement Advisory Meeting

4. Reviewed Mission Statement and made revisions
Clayton Wood made a motion to adopt the revised Mission Statement
Paul Sherwood seconded the motion. Motion was adopted.

5. Reviewed the Vision Statement
Paul Sherwood made a motion to adopt the revised Vision Statement
Helen Schiff seconded the motion. Motion was adopted.

6. Action Items
Building on 7 Depot St is going to be removed. The Fire Chief inspected it and
said the roof is bad so it must be removed. Snow may cause it to cave in.
0ther buildings that are available-need to do a Phase 1 Assessment
Check for brownfields before acquiring the property, then see if a grant is
Also need to think about how the town will acquire it and what will we do with it.
36 Main St is no longer grandfathered in for rebuilding

Review all zoning definitions (including combined dwellings) and uses.
The zoning and planning boards are affected
Try to have a public hearing by December so it can be voted on at town
meeting in March

Master Plan-they are working on a few sections at a time. The next last one was
done in 2010

This forum was instrumental in getting parking restrictions removed for
businesses in the downtown.

Need to look at getting sewer and water across Rt 28
RT 28 is controlled access and only a few curb cuts are allowable
Need to determine cost to do it and what would the revenue be from it

Aqueduct acquisition
Pittsfield would like to buy out of Pennichuck Water Works
Town can use eminent domain to force Pennichuck to do it.
Find out what DOT has to say about it, Need more information on purchase
Need to listen to people who would be affected
Not ready to bring it to Town Meeting yet.

Leadership NH identifies community leaders
It may get other people to volunteer. We have people who volunteer for
multiple postitions
Could put out a press release on success stories of volunteers
Once a year put on a “job” fair type event with the public and discuss
what we have been doing.
How do we network other businesses

Planning Board and Zoning Board are working on refining the definitions used for
housing and home businesses
Others can add their own ideas.
Planning Board needs support

Biggest problem for businesses in this town is the divide between those who think
we should build up Rt 28 and those who think we should focus on downtown
(afraid Rt 28 will take people away from downtown)
If we get businesses on Rt 28 that will increase the tax base then we can
revitalize downtown.(possible solution)
We need to have conversations about it and listen to people directly affected
by any changes.(owners and abutters)
May have an open meeting 30 minutes about downtown, 30 minutes about
Rt 28. What are our priorities?
Also need representation from Select Board.

7. Next All Boards Forum will be January, 2015 (tentative dates 10, 24 or 31)

8. Meeting adjourned at 12:00 PM.

Submitted by
Ted Mitchell, Chairman, EDC
Minutes taken by Ellen Barbasso, Secretary, EDC