April 17, 2015 Minutes

Trustees of the Trust Funds Meeting Minutes
Ross Morse
Harry Vogt
Citizens Bank: Deno Mokas, Portfolio Mgr., Kathleen Henrich, Administrative Officer
The meeting of the Trustees of Trust Funds was called to order at 8:05 AM, April 17, 2015 in the
Pittsfield Town Hall by Harry Vogt, Meeting Chair.
Secretary’s Report: Accepted as presented.
Treasurer’s Report: Accepted as presented.
Old Business:
1. No old business was taken up at this time.
New Business:
1. Board Elections: The trustees postponed elections until all three trustees could be
2. Citizens Bank update: The representatives from Citizens Bank reviewed investments
and strategies and made recommendations to consider.
a. Under the Band Trust: the recommendation was made to increase the
equities range from 60-80 to 70-90 with a target of 80% to remain consistent
with the trust’s intent.
3. Chairman Vogt was invited to attend the next Library Trustees meeting on April 21.
4. John Dunne VFW/Great Pittsfield Citizens Scholarship Foundation Committee
a. Discussion ensued around how these scholarships were determined for
acceptance. Clarification was that the trustees meeting after the Foss
Scholarship Committee meeting relied on the common application of the
school district as well as input from PMHS personnel to determine awardees.
Next Meeting: 5/21/15, 8:00 AM – Foss Scholarship Committee
7/17/15, 8:00 AM – Davidson Financial Update (Foss Trust)
10/23/15 Citizens Bank Financial Update
Adjournment: The meeting was adjourned at 9:24 AM.
Minutes submitted by: Ross Morse