August 25, 2014 Minutes

AUGUST 25, 2014

Attendees: Ralph O’Dell – Chair, Ted Mitchell – Secretary,
Clayton Wood, Jim Pritchard

Absent: Helen Schoppmeyer and Paul Metcalf

1. Call to Order at 7:02

2. Discussion w/Leslie Vogt Prior Pittsfield Senior Center

– Funding: A. Mostly Federal via State, Based on Census
Figures. State Contracts w/Company to Provide
Services. Percentage of Funding for Senior
Center Based on Number of Seniors
Participating. Level Funding For Years
B. Merrimack County
C. Donations/Organized Fundraising Events
D. Grants
– Services: A. Meals on Wheels – 50-60 Annual Recipients
B. 4 Community Dinners Weekly – 10-12 Attend
C. Rural Transport & Volunteer Drivers

– Activities: A. Exercise Classes
B. Cards
C. Bingo
D. Socializing
E. Other

– Participants: Average 10-20 Daily. Note – Eligibility for
Participation is 60 + Years Old and Any

– What Are Needs 5 Years from Now?
A. More Wellness Services (Exercise &
Health Activates)
B. Increase to Meals on Wheels
C. Hard to Tell Due to Potential Future
NOTE: Ralph Will Contact Ministers to Get Information
On Seniors, Needs, Activates, Etc. This May Help
Explain Why Participation at Senior Center is Low.

3. Approval of August 11, 2014 Minutes – No Changes

4. CATCH Meeting:

A. Organization is 25 Years Old
B. Two Thirds of the Housing Created Has Been in Last
6 Years
C. Enthusiastic at Potential of Working w/Pittsfield
D. Organization is Under Umbrella of the United Way
E. Plan is to Operate From Massachusetts Border To
the NH Lakes
F. Conducts Workshops and Seminars for Elderly
G. Tentative Master Plan Committee Meeting w/CATCH
October 2, 2014 in AM and Visit One of Their Projects

5. Next Meeting: September 22, 2014
Will Invite Pittsfield Welfare Director

6. At an October Meeting Will Invite Paul Nickerson,
12 Norris Rd for Discussion
7. Adjournment: 8:03

Prepared by: Ted Mitchell, Secretary

Submitted: Ralph O’Dell, Chair, Master Plan Committee