December 1, 2014 Minutes

These minutes were posted by the Website.

Pittsfield Website Committee – December 1, 2014
The Pittsfield Website Committee was called to order at @ 7:03 pm.
Location: Pittsfield Town Hall
Members present:
Clayton Wood, Chair
Jen Goodwin, Secretary
Bob Legg
Matt Goodwin
Bill Provencal, Alternate

1. Minutes: Minutes of July 1, 2014 were approved.

2. Business-
a. Website review/Member’s reports- No Reports
b. Christmas Layout- Matt will put up Christmas picture and information for Christmas events in town. December 6 is the Tree lighting and Children’s store.
c. Switching to new domain- New town e-mails have not been set up yet.
d. Adding a subscription service for minutes and notices- Clayton will add a subscription service to the site.
e. Discussion of a website redesign plan- The committee will think about a mobile friendly version. Matt and Clayton discussed making a WordPress site.
f. Any other new features- More subscriptions

3. Next Meeting: TBA

4. Meeting Adjourned @ 8:00pm.
Minutes submitted by Jen Goodwin, Secretary.