December 5, 2011 Minutes

Present –Ch. Elkins, _P_, VCh. Ms. Hast, _P_, Mr. Bailey, _ P _, Lt. Abell, _P_, Mr. Provencher, _ P_, Planning Board( Mr. Heffernan) _ P_. Fred Okrent, HSA Administrator _P_.
Meeting called to order at 7:15 PM at the Town Hall by Ch. Elkins.
Public Present:
Paul Rogers.
Public Input:
Mr. Rogers stated that he had received inspection notices for his properties and did not want Mr. Okrent to conduct the inspections; in fact, he did not want Mr. Okrent in his buildings. He also stated that Mr. Okrent had made disparaging remarks about his lifestyle, which Mr. Okrent vehemently disputed. The chair informed Mr. Rogers that there were no alternate or deputy inspectors and that he could, as in the past, hire a qualified alternate at his own expense, but that the alternate would have to be accompanied by Mr. Okrent. Mr. Rogers then stated that his inspections were canceled until he obtained legal counsel.
Old Business
Update on 28 Crescent- Deputy Health Officer got DPW to transfer trash to owners dumpster with a bill for labor being sent to the owner.
Discussion on mileage and training expenses not currently covered by the budget. The Dues & Subscriptions line will have to be raised from $50 to $60 dollars while the training line will have to go from $250 to $1000. In addition, some provision for mileage will have to be made. A request to increase the fee structure will probably have to be made.
New Business:
Progress reports: end of the year cleanup, generation of the 2012 Inspection Schedule.
Meeting Minutes;
Lt. Abell, made a motion that the minutes of the meeting of November 7, 2011be accepted as read; 2nd by Mr. Heffernan, Motion passed 5 to 0.
Public Input:
Motion to adjourn:
Lt. Abell, 2nd by Mr. Provencher, 5 to 0, motion passed. Adjourned at 7:56 PM. Next meeting: 2/13/12.
Respectfully submitted,
Fred M. Okrent