December 8, 2014 Minutes

December 8, 2014

Attendees: Ralph O’Dell – Chair, Ted Mitchell –
Secretary, Clayton Wood, Jim Pritchard,
and Helen Schoppmeyer

1. Call to Order: 7:03 pm

2. Approval of Minutes: November 17, 2014

3. Equalized Tax Rates:
– Discussed Pittsfield’s tax rate in relation to all towns in NH
– Discussed article by Donella H. Meadows, Adjunct Professor
of Environmental Studies, Dartmouth College. Basically, the
article states that growth of a Town DOES NOT lower tax
– Discussed the value of Open Space and land in Current Use:
effect on tax rates. Current Use land brings in less taxes BUT
does not increase cost to town through infrastructure,
services, etc. THEREFORE doesn’t negatively impact taxes.

4. Discussed Pittsfield’s Class S Schools in comparison
to others in the state: Cost Per Pupil, Tax Assessments, etc.

5. Discussed Town Dangerous Road Intersections/Pool:
– Elm and Main, Crescent and Concord Hill: Will get
accident statistics from police department then
determine recommendations to be made.

6. Master Plan Transportation Chapter:
– Will review and make changes that makes it more
useful for Pittsfield, not have it too generic. Must be
specific to town needs (prior to any public hearing).

7. Next Meeting: January 12, 2014

9. Adjournment: 8:22 pm

Prepared by: Ted Mitchell, Secretary

Submitted: Ralph O’Dell, Chairman, Master Plan