February 18, 2014 Minutes

February 18, 2014

Present: Mary Schelble, Chair; Dana Sansom, Treasurer, Beverly Pietlicki, Director; Nancy Fogg, Secretary, William Tahnk, Resident

Meeting Convened: at 7:05 PM by Mary Schelble, Chair.

Acceptance of Minutes: January 21, 2014, minutes were accepted with corrections. (Dana/Nancy)

Old Business:
Roll Top Desk: Moved and seconded to dispose of the desk at the discretion of the Director.
Review of 2013 Year to Date Financials: The Director, Beverly Pietlicki, provided an overview of the
2013 Financials, noting a few specific items.
Review of Annual Statistics: The Annual Statistics were presented and highlighted by the Director.

Director’s & Treasurer’s Reports: The reports were accepted as presented.

New Business:
Progress of Library Building Committee: Information continues to be gathered prior to deciding on
the appropriate plan for a second egress from the downstairs. A meeting has been set with the N. H. State Fire Marshall on 2/28/14 at the J. Carpenter Library.
Commendations on Mary T. Schelble’s Tenure as Library Trustee: Sincere appreciation by all in attendance was extended to Mary for her nine years of dedicated service to the J. Carpenter Library.
Fundraising for 2014: No specific fundraisers were discussed.
Alternate Trustee: Mary Schelble stated that she will not be available to serve as the alternate trustee
after her terms ends in March. She will be available to answer questions.
Electric Service: Moved and seconded (Dana/Nancy) to allow the director to change electric service back to PSNH.
Miscellaneous: Notification received from the Sanderson Fund that our 2014 Technology Plan Grant
was approved.

Adjournment: 8:44 PM (Nancy/Dana)

Policy Subcommittee Meeting: No meeting was scheduled.

Next Monthly Meeting: March 18, 2014, at 7:00 pm.

Submitted by Nancy Fogg, Secretary