January 17, 2014 Minutes

Trustees of the Trust Funds Meeting Minutes
Cara Marston
Ross Morse
Harry Vogt

The meeting of the Trustees of Trust Funds was called to order at 8:09 AM January 17, 2014 in the Pittsfield Town Hall by Harry Vogt, Meeting Chair.

Approval of Minutes: Minutes of the December 16, 2013 meeting were approved as presented.

Approval of Treasurer’s Report: Treasurer’s Report was accepted as presented.

New Business:
1. Foss Scholarship Committee Meetings:
The next meeting of the committee is scheduled for March 27, 2014.
2. Timeline for Financial Advisor Request for Proposals:
a. The trustees agreed to begin the process of Financial Advisor RFP with the July 8, 2014 meeting.
b. Harry Vogt will draft a RFP.
c. RFPs will be sent out by July 30, 2014.
d. Proposals will be due by August 28, 2014.
e. A shortlist of firms to interview will be developed by September 11, 2014.
f. Firms will be interviewed beginning September 25, 2014.
g. Trustees will meet to select a firm on September 29, 2014.
3. Sanderson Applications:
Applications for request of funds from The Sanderson Trust were reviewed and discussed. Notification of awards to be sent out by Treasurer, Cara Marston.

Next Meeting: 2/21/14, 8:15 AM

Adjournment: The meeting was adjourned at 10:22 AM.

Minutes submitted by: Ross Morse