January 21, 2014 Minutes

January 21, 2014

Present: Mary Schelble, Chair; Dana Sansom, Treasurer, Beverly Pietlicki, Director; Nancy Fogg, Secretary, William Tahnk, Resident

Meeting Convened: at 7:15PM by Mary Schelble, Chair. Time of meeting changed due to prior closed session.

Acceptance of Minutes: December 17, 2013, minutes were accepted as written. (Nancy/Dana)

Public Hearing: The motion to accept monies, “In accordance with RSA 202-A:4-ciii to put before the public the action to be taken on all unanticipated money for the state, federal, or other governmental unit or any private source that has become available during the 2013 calendar year.”, passed. (Nancy/Dana) The amount of monies accepted was $7,778.41 which includes grant monies.

Old Business:
Technology Plan: A revised 5 year Technology Plan passed and is located in the Library Policy Manual.
The plan includes regular replacement of computers, upgrades to existing equipment and a
yearly review. (Dana/Nancy)
Compensation for Library Director Hours: A motion “to add eight hours yearly with pay for
the Library Director, Beverly Pietlicki, to attend quarterly SILK meetings at two hours per session” for a total of eight hours. (Dana/Nancy)

Director’s & Treasurer’s Reports: The reports were accepted as presented..

New Business:
Review of Annual Statistics and Town Report for 2013: Review is pending receipt of statistics from Library Director. The yearly summary of library activities for the 2013 Town Report was commended and released for submission.
Recognition of the Josiah Friends Donations: The Friends donated a credenza for the Director’s Office and new bulletin boards for the entry way. A note of appreciation was
forwarded by the Trustee Chair. An article will be submitted to the “Suncook Sun” acknowledging the donations. Glass tops have been ordered for both the credenza and new desk.
NHLA Memberships: A motion to pay $50, from Trustee funds, for membership fees for four staff passed. (Nancy/Mary)
CHILIS Registrations: Registrations for Carol Granger and Beverly Pietlicki, Director ($45each) for the February deadline were reported. The registration fees were covered in the budget.
Executive Session: Mary Schelble, Chariman, issued a request for an Executive Session with the Trustees and Director to continue discussion of personnel matters with the Director.

Adjournment: 8:20 PM (Nancy/Dana)
Policy Subcommittee Meeting: No meeting was scheduled.
Next Monthly Meeting: February 18, 2014, at 7:00 pm.
Submitted by Nancy Fogg, Secretary