January 25, 2011 Minutes

These minutes were posted by the Website.

Pittsfield Website Committee – January 25, 2011
The Pittsfield Website Committee was called to order at @ 7:06 pm.
Location: Pittsfield Elementary School Cafeteria
Members present:
Clayton Wood, Chair
Bob Legg
Matt Goodwin
Jen Elliott, Secretary
1. Minutes: Minutes of November 16, 2010 were approved.
2. Committee Update:
a. Clayton suggested moving the town history from the home page to its own page.
b. Matt and Clayton discussed narrowing down the information on the side bars of the Website. It was decided that the side bars are easy to use and convenient for users, truncating the information would make the site more difficult to use.
c. Matt suggested adding more photos to the slide show on the home page to take up the empty space from the removal of the town history. Bob will get photos together if we decide to go this route.
d. Clayton will be doing the yearly report, it will be complete by the end of the week.
e. Al Douglas will be joining the Website Committee. AL was unable to attend the meeting as scheduled. We will add this to the agenda for the next meeting.
4. Next Meeting: Tuesday March 15, 2011 at the Pittsfield Elementary School Library.
5. Meeting Adjourned @ 8:10pm.
Minutes submitted by Jen Elliott, Secretary.