July 14, 2014 Minutes

JULY 14, 2014

Attendees: Ralph O’Dell – Chair, Ted Mitchell – Secretary,
Helen Schoppmeyer, Clayton Wood,
Jim Pritchard, Paul Metcalf

1. Call to Order: 7:08 pm

2. Approval of June 23, 2014 Minutes

3. Visit to Epsom Elderly Housing
– Meet at Town Hall 9:00 am Friday, July 18, 2014
– Tour Facility 9:30 am

4. Zoning – Article 8. Cluster Development: Proposed Changes
– Quick Overview Discussion
— Conservation Lot Requirements
— Usable Lot Requirements
— Subtraction of Unusable Acreage from Total
Prior to Planning for Lots
– Will Hold Detailed Discussion at Later Meeting

5. Bill Miskoe’s Letter: Allowing Apartments in Downtown
By Right
– Master Plan Committee Disagrees Because:
— It Will Not Draw Better Off People to Rent in
Pittsfield Due to Lack of Parking and Travel
Distance to Work
— Town Residents Have Made It Clear That They
Do Not Want More Apartments in Pittsfield
— The Potential For More Amenities in Town For
Residents Would Be Eliminated
— It Will Have Just the Opposite Effect That Bill
Believes it Will – Essentially Killing the Downtown

6. State’s Executive Summary on Housing in NH Part 1:
April 9, 2014
– Can We Develop Planning for Different Type of Housing?
– Are There Other Options for Multi-Generational

7. Concord Area Trust for Community Housing (CATCH)
– They Design for Current Housing Markets
– They Are Connected With United Way and Friends
– Ralph Will Do Further Research

8. Blog for Gaining Information From Residents
– Will Continue to Plan

9. All Board/Committee Forum
– Need More Exchange of Ideas From Larger Group
– Some Type of Gathering With Public Needed

10. Town Records
– Town Clerk (Erica) is Forming a Committee to Address
Need for Better Storing and Access of Town Documents

11. Next Meeting: July 24, 2014

12. Adjournment: 8:28 pm

Prepared by: Ted Mitchell, Secretary

Submitted: Ralph O’Dell, Chair, Master Plan Committee