June 29, 2010 Minutes

These minutes were posted by the Website.

Pittsfield Website Committee – June 29, 2010
The Pittsfield Website Committee was called to order at @ 7:06 pm at town hall.
Location: Pittsfield Town Hall
Members present:
Clayton Wood, Chair
Bob Legg
Matt Goodwin
Jen Elliott, Secretary

1. Minutes: Minutes of May 18, 2010 were approved.

2. Committee Update:
a. Bill expressed interest in leaving the committee to Clayton. Matt suggested making Bill an alternate on the committee.
b. Clayton suggested we begin looking for another member and would like Bill to still maintain the town calendar on the website.

3. EDC Subweb Discussion:
a. Clayton suggested making a direct link to the EDC site from the town site. (www.pittsfield.nh.com/edc).
b. Matt will create a new page and forward it to current EDC site to provide the easier web address in printed materials.
c. Matt will make a logo in the footer with credits to website committee.

4. Old Home Day: Members discussed making a special link in the header of the town site.
a. Matt will create a custom image encompassing Old Home Day and All Class Reunion.

5. Balloon Rally update:
a. No response from Rustic Crust about placing a camera there.
b. Matt made contact with two different security companies for quotes on cams for Drake’s field and has obtained 2 estimates for the cameras in the field for use of the Balloon Rally, sporting events and security for the police department. Matt has made several attempts to get in contact with Chief Wharem but he has not returned any calls or emails.
c. Clayton suggested asking Blueberry Express Daycare if they would be interested in hosting a cam for the Balloon Rally.
d. The committee discussed using a similar landing page for Balloon Rally for the website like last year.
e. Clayton suggested linking to some u-tube videos about the Balloon Rally to generate more traffic to the web site.

5. Town Tax Maps:
a. Clayton announced that the Town tax maps are now in PDF format.
b. Clayton suggested sending an announcement to the Suncook Valley Sun.

6. Library Website
a. Clayton will be helping the library with the creation of their own site. He will also teach them to maintain the site.

7. Follow-up:
a. Matt will make image, like the one he made for Christmas for old home day/All Class Reunion link.
b. Matt will check with the Drug and Alcohol Coalition to see if they would have any interest in helping with the cams for the field.
c. Clayton will ask the school board if they would have any interest in helping with the cams for the field.
d. Matt will check with Barnstead Motorsports to see if they would like to host the Balloon Rally cam again this year.
e. Clayton requested Matt and Bob to add their business information and links to the Pittsfield Website Page.
f. Clayton will follow up with Bill about his committee status.

8. Next Meeting: Tuesday September 21, 2010 at the Pittsfield Town Hall.

9. Meeting Adjourned @ 7:59pm.

Minutes submitted by Jen Elliott, Secretary.