March 16, 2015 Minutes

March 16, 2015
7:00 p.m.

Meeting was called to order at 7:05 p.m.

Meeting attendance: Chairman Mr. Elkins, Vice Chairman Mr. Dustin, Ms. Hast, Mr. Heffernan, Ms. Shciff Administrator Mrs. Ramsey, Inspector Mr. FitzGerald.

Public Present: Steve Flemming, Gary Mosher, Lee Carver, Nancy Carver, Jim Parker, and Denise Parker

This meeting was called with property owners because of inspections being completed and the required documentation not being submitted to obtain a HSA License in a timely manner.

Administrator Ramsey stated that 8 Green St and 8 Marshall Ct. are the same property owners but a little different with the timing of inspections and paperwork. Mr. Flemming and Mr. Mosher are present as representatives of the property owners. Administrator Ramsey stated the inspection and payment dates and all dates that letters of correspondence went out. Administrator Ramsey informed the board that Mr. Flemming is a property representative but we do not have proper documentation to verify this. Administrator Ramsey has obtained a list of properties from Mr. Flemming and sent letters to all property owners informing them that we need this information verified but has not heard anything back. Her concern is releasing information that maybe confidential. Since the letter of meeting request was sent out, we have received all required documentation. Mr. Flemming stated that the previous manager was in an accident and has been out and the communication has been lacking between everyone. Mr. Mosher stated he did drop some paperwork off but slid it under the HSA door. We did discuss the best way to drop off paperwork at the town hall for the future. Mr. Dustin asked if all paperwork has been received. Administrator Ramsey stated yes, but as of February we did not have the documentation and board decided to have this meeting. Ms. Hast stated that between the accident and the mix-up of getting the required paperwork needed to us, was unfortunate but we can now move forward. Administrator Ramsey asked if Mr. Flemming could please get the information from the property owners that he is the representative it would be appreciated and Mr. Flemming stated he has a limited power of attorney and asked if that would be ok. The Board stated yes. The Board agreed to approve the issuance of a HSA License for 8 Green St. and 8 Marshall Ct.

8 Depot St. and 19 Park St. property owner was not present. We can discuss them after the other property have been discussed.

15 Crescent St. Lee and Nancy Carver were present as property owners. Administrator Ramsey stated all the information on the inspection and letters sent for reminders and correspondence to obtain a license. Administrator Ramsey stated that there was some confusion on when and how we received some paperwork. But by the time she saw the paperwork required for license the meeting was already requested. Mr. Carver clarified the time line for the repairs and extension request. He did state he dropped a letter off upstairs. Administrator Ramsey stated that she does think that there needs to be a procedure for paperwork with in the office. Chairman Elkins stated that the emails were sent to the chairman and not the board because that’s how it has been done previously. Mr. Dustin asked if this is another case that we now have everything and it is ok to issue a license.

70 Daroska Rd. an email was sent to the HSA pertaining to a building being rented according to an appraiser. So we requested this meeting is to clarify if this is a rental unit or not. Mr. and Ms. Parker are the property owners present. Chairman Elkins stated that according to the records there was only a permit pulled just for a building, not a rental unit. If this is a rental unit the property owner must go to the Zoning Board to obtain proper zoning. Mr. Heffernan stated that if the property owner is not collecting rent, then this is not a rental unit. Mr. Parker stated that they are not collecting rent but helping some friend’s family with a place to stay while they are going to college. Inspector FitzGerald stated that Mr. Heffernan is correct about having family live on a property but for liability issue if the person living there is not a blood relative it may be an issue if someone got hurt. Mr. Heffernan disagrees. Ms. Schiff stated it depends on how it is interpreted. Mr. Dustin asked for clarification that we received information from an appraiser that may not be correct. It was determined that they are not required to have a HSA License.

Administrator Ramsey gave the information on 19 Park St. stating that information for this property has been turned in by Gary Volpe. But 8 Depot St. Gary Volpe stated that the work has not been completed in 1 of the 4 units because he is awaiting the tenant to be evicted. Inspector FitzGerald stated he did inform Gary that he needs to obtain the proper building permits for the work being done. Mr. Dustin asked if the paperwork needed for 19 Park St. has been submitted and Administrator Ramsey stated yes. Administrator Ramsey stated that there was an issue with a sump pump being improperly used at 8 Depot St. Inspector FitzGerald stated the facts about that situation, and currently is not running. Inspector FitzGerald’s concern that Gary notified us he will be renovating, and how this renovation will affect the other 3 units. Inspector FitzGerald stated he did notify the Building Inspector of the situation. Mr. Heffernan suggested having Gary sending us the permits that have been pulled before issuing a license for the other units. 19 Park St. if we received the required paperwork we can issue a license. 8 Depot St. we will schedule a public hearing for April 13, 2015. Administrator Ramsey clarified that this is will be a hearing and certified letters will need to be sent to all parties and that expense will be forwarded onto the property owner. Mr. Heffernan suggested the we state in the letter that he should bring gas fitters license, electrical license, and building permit to the hearing.

Ms. Hast asked the question on how we determine if a person is renting or not. There was discussion on how to determine if someone is paying rent and how we would prove if they are.

There was some discussion on the Article about the distance on portable cooking equipment at the Town Meeting.
It was determined that if at inspection time there is a question on the distance Administrator Ramsey will send a letter stating the law and ordinance so we will be covered if anything happens.

Chairman Elkins stated that Administrator Ramsey had a question on the license time frame, and how it should read on the license being issued. There was some discussion. It was determined that the license is valid from date of issue to 2 years from the expiration of the previous license per HSA Ordinance.

Motion to adjourn the meeting made by Mr. Heffernan and seconded by Ms. Hast all in favor motion passed.

Meeting adjourned at 8:15 p.m.