March 20, 2014 Minutes

These minutes were posted by the Zoning.



ITEM 1. Call to Order at 7:00 P.M. by Carole Dodge, Chairman

ITEM 2. Roll Call

Members Present:

Carole Dodge (CD), Chairman, John (Pat) Heffernan (PH), Christopher Smith (CS), and Delores Fritz, Recording Secretary.

We have several people absent this evening but do have a quorum and will be able to go forward.

Members Absent:

Paul Metcalf, Sr. (PM), Albert Douglas (AD), Alternate
Paul Sherwood, Vice Chair resigned from the Zoning Board on
March 18, 2014.

ITEM 3. Approval of Minutes of January 9, 2014

Board agreed to continue approval of Minutes of January 9, 2014 to the next meeting due to the lack of presence of those in attendance on that date.

ITEM 4. Public Hearing with respect to an application for a Special Exception filed by Nathan & Cathy Thorsell of 19 Tan Road, Pittsfield, NH 03263 (Tax Map R44, Lot 9-5) for a Home Occupation as a Photography Studio and Office. The property is owned by Nathan and Cathy Thorsell,
19 Tan Road, Pittsfield, NH 03263 and located in the RURAL Zone.

(PH) Motion to open and review Special Exception for Nathan and Cathy Thorsell. (CD) Second. Carried 3-0.

Cathy Thorsell: I have been a photographer for many years doing weddings, school pictures, etc. Often when I am meeting with a client it is awkward because there is not a real office to work through. She explained the area of the home and the setting for the office. I do about 7-10 weddings per year. Traffic would not be a big issue as I see about one to two couples a month. There would be no additional parking on the street; the driveway would be large enough to accommodate my clients.

Board and applicant went through the criteria. She noted that nothing would really change except for the sign.

Public Input

Joseph Cortese noted that it sounded like a good idea and would support the application.

Close Public Input

(CS) My only question was in regard to parking and that has been answered. (PH) I am all for it. It is a good idea and the neighbors would be okay with it since there would be no noise.

(CS) Motion to approve application for Special Exception for Nathan & Cathy Thorsell, 19 Tan Road, Pittsfield, NH 03263 for a Home Occupation as a Photography Studio and Office (Tax Map R44, Lot 9-5). (PH) Second. Carried 3-0.

(CD) advised Ms. Thorsell of the thirty (30) day appeal process.

ITEM 5. New Business
a. Approval of Rules of Procedure

(CD) These rules were updated several months ago and now need to be approved by Board.

(PH) Motion to approve Rules of Procedure as updated. (CS) Second. Carried 3-0.

ITEM 6. Members Concerns

(PH) We have a shrinking number of members and need to do something about it. (CD) We have one member that is back tonight, the alternate had a prior commitment and one member resigned last week. We are looking for people to serve.

Jim Pritchard: You are now an elected Board so you can come up with the election years in phases.

(CD) I would like to check it out to make it easier.

Jim Pritchard: Look at the Statute – a year from now the whole board will be elected for three years. I would look at the Statute. It should not be too hard to figure out.

All Board Joint Board Committee: (CD) There was a meeting of this committee on February 8, 2014. The next one is in June which is usually on a Saturday. This will help in getting communication between the boards. The meeting we had offered a lot of information. Meetings will be quarterly and I will find out the exact date for anyone interested. This is not a closed meeting.

ITEM 7. Public Input


ITEM 8. Adjournment

(PH) Motion to adjourn. (CS) Second. Carried 3-0.

Meeting adjourned at 7:25 P.M.

Approved: April 29, 2014

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Carole Dodge, Chairman Date

I hereby certify that these Minutes were recorded by me on March 20, 2014, transcribed, and publicly posted on March 26, 2014.

Delores A. Fritz, Recording Secretary

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