March 8, 2010 Minutes

Minutes from PDAC Meeting
7-8:30 pm at the Pittsfield Youth Workshop
March 8th, 2010

In attendance: Denise Morin, Dan Ward, Officer John Webber, Sarah Sadowski, Zach Powers, Chief Wharem

Meeting called to order at 7pm.

I. Follow up on NH Charitable Grant- The meeting began with a recap of how the NH Charitable Grant is to be spent. The Select Board had approved the following at the November 3rd meeting:
i. Health supplies- $1,650- PURCHASED
ii. Parent Group- $425- PURCHASED
iii. MADD speaker donation- $200- INVOICED
iv. 6 Fatal Vision Goggles- $775
v. Now that You’re 16- $250
vi. Teen Institute Scholarship- $500
vii. Every 15 Minutes- $1,200

Denise led the conversation and outlined areas that need to be addressed. The Chief will send Officer Webber to the Every 15 Minutes training and will look into a grant that may be available to send him to Texas where the organization is based out of, rather than organize a New England training (getting 10+ districts to commit to the program and a training time) .

b. Follow up action items on the NH Charitable Grant are:
i. The PD will book Officer Webber for the Every 15 Minutes training
ii. PYW will invoice for both the scholarship $500
iii. The town is paying out the MADD speaker donation of $200
iv. Police will purchase the gift certificates for the pizza for the Now That You are 16 program

II. Review of the DFC Proposal
a. Need to change arson to vandalism on Community Review
b. Commitment agreements were signed by the Chief, Denise and Dan
c. The group reviewed some of the stats being used for the grant

III. Rx Box Update
The Chief reviewed the requirements necessary to install and maintain a prescription drug drop box- including a pharmacist to inventory and record what is dropped. $ for time and monitoring is needed.

IV. Donation Vote- The group voted to approve a donation to the Community Center to support Narcotics Anonymous with a $300 donation for the year. Chief Wharem pointed out that it is a two-fold donation befitting both the Community Center and NA.

The meeting was adjourned at 8:30. The next meeting will be held March 8th at 7pm at PYW. Thanks for attending! Respectfully submitted,
Sarah Sadowski