May 13, 2013 Minutes

MONDAY, MAY 13, 2013
Present –Ch. Elkins, _P_, Chief DeSilva, _ P _, Ms. Hast, _ A _, Dr. Dustin, _P_ , Chf Abell, _P_, , _ Seat vacant_, VCh. Mr. Heffernan (Planning Board ) _ P _. Fred Okrent, (HSA Administrator) _P_.
Meeting called to order by Ch. Elkins at 7:15 at the Town Hall.
Public Present:
Alden Moore, Larry Konopka, Gary Mullen.
New Business:
Discussion on Fee Increase Proposal. The consensus was that a detailed estimate and breakdown would be required before proceeding.
Court Case; Supry; Board decided to hold public hearing on License Revocation prior to Court filing. Discussion of process steps required to file case in Superior Court.
Public Input:
Gary Mullen requested status of appointment to Board. Was told that it was in the hands of the Moderator.
Appeal – Alden Moore, 6 Tilton Hill Rd. Mr. Moore questioned the inspectors’ interpretation of fire escape/safety requirements. After protracted discussion, matter was turned over to Fire Chief for research, interpretation and recommendations.
Old Business
Progress Reports: Scheduling and inspections continuing.
Meeting Minutes;
Mr. Heffernan made a motion that the minutes of the meeting of March 25, 2013 be accepted with one minor correction, 2nd by Chf Abell , Motion passed 4 to 0.
Public Input:
Larry Konopka spoke on behalf of the Selectboard, promising better communication. Warrant articles submitted by Boards and Committees would be returned to those bodies for review after legal review and changes.
Motion to adjourn:
Chf Abell, 2nd by Mr. Heffernan, motion passed 4 to 0. Adjourned at 8:26 PM.
Next meeting: 6/17
Respectfully submitted,
Fred M. Okrent