May 17, 2011 Minutes

These minutes were posted by the Website.

Pittsfield Website Committee –May 17, 2011
The Pittsfield Website Committee was called to order at @ 7:55 pm.
Location: Pittsfield Elementary School Library
Members present:
Clayton Wood, Chair
Bob Legg
Matt Goodwin
Al Douglas
Jen Elliott, Secretary
1. Minutes: Minutes of March 15, 2011 were approved.
2. Website Updates:
a. Clayton and Matt have solved the problems with the Fire department website. The Fire Department can now access their site using FrontPage.
3. Picture of the Month:
a. Bob and Matt will link to the picture and add captions and explanation of the picture of the month. The picture of the month will go on the bottom of the home page.
4. Balloon Rally:
a. There is no home for the camera yet.
b. Clayton will check with Pittsfield Youth Workshop to see if there is a possibility of hosting the camera in their building.
5. Clayton suggested Bob take new pictures of both of the schools with people in them.
6. Clayton talked about building a new blog for planning board comments.
10. Next Meeting: Tuesday June 28, 2011 at the Pittsfield Elementary School Library.
11. Meeting Adjourned @ 8:55pm.
Minutes submitted by Jen Elliott, Secretary.