May 18, 2010 Minutes

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Pittsfield Website Committee – May 18, 2010
The Pittsfield Website Committee was called to order at @ 7:05 pm.
Location: Pittsfield Elementary School Library
Members present:
Clayton Wood, Chair
Bob Legg
Matt Goodwin
Jen Elliott, Secretary
1. Minutes: Minutes of March 16, 2010 were approved.
3. EDC Subweb Discussion:
a. Matt reported that he was still waiting for the content paragraphs from Scott for the EDC website.
b. Decision was made not to make a sub domain for EDC at this time.
c. Matt will put an announcement with a link to the EDC website on the header of the home page of the town site.
d. Matt will ask Scott if all the information about the EDC should be on their new website or leave the information about the EDC on the town site where it is.
e. The EDC gave permission to Bob to change the photos on the site as needed. Matt will set up Bob to make changes from his personal photo site to the EDC site.
f. Clayton will talk to Scott about giving credit to Matt and Bob for their work on the EDC website.
4.New Business:
a. Old Home day, All class reunion, and Balloon Rally are coming soon.
b. Matt suggested asking Rustic Crust to place a webcam in their window.
c. Clayton suggested building a landing page for the website for the events.
5. Follow-up:
a. Clayton will contact the Old Home Day committee for more information .
b. Bob will contact Rustic Crust to check for interest in web cam.
9. Next Meeting: Tuesday June 29, 2010 at the Pittsfield Town Hall.
10. Meeting Adjourned @ 8:40pm.
Minutes submitted by Jen Elliott, Secretary.