November 17, 2009 Minutes

These minutes were posted by the Website.

 Pittsfield Website Committee – November 17, 2009

The Pittsfield Website Committee was called to order @ 7:02 pm.

Members present:

Clayton Wood, Chair

Bob Legg

Matt Goodwin

Harry Vogt, Secretary

1. Minutes: Minutes of October 20, 2009 were approved.

2. Committee Membership Changes:

a. Clayton recommended that the committee formally document changes in membership and update the Board of Selectmen on these changes.

b. Harry submitted a letter of resignation. Bob Legg made a motion that the resignation be accepted, Matt seconded the motion. Vote – 3 in favor, one abstention.

c. A second motion was made by Matt Goodwin that Harry’s resignation become effective January 1, 2010; Bob Legg seconded the motion. Motion passed three in favor, one abstention.

d. The Committee voted to move Jen Elliott to member status.

e. Clayton, as chair of the committee, will inform the selectmen, town administrator and town hall staff of Harry’s resignation and Jen Elliott’s appointment.

3. Website Report:

a. Clayton suggested that Christmas related town events be placed on the front page of the website in a manner similar to that used for Balloon Rally weekend.

b. Town Crier News: Committee discussed developing a page for the town crier. Clayton will contact Andi Riel about placing the information generated for the Concord Monitor on Pittsfield’s website.

4. School Technology Committee:

a. The school is in the process of applying for a technology grant to assist with the development of student digital portfolios. The portfolios would be initiated in the third grade with continued development throughout the student’s school career. The grant is designed to fund professional development for teachers as well as the purchase of supporting hardware. The advisory committee will include teachers and citizens. Clayton is looking for volunteers to serve on the committee.

5. Economic Development Committee Proposal:

a. Clayton reported that the EDC responded favorably to the committee’s proposed approach for adding EDC content to the town website. EDC liked the idea of a sub-domain; however, they suggested a domain name other than be used.

b. Clayton noted that EDC needs to identify for the website committee, what information the EDC wants posted/found on the website.

6. EDC Subweb Brainstorming: The following ideas were discussed by the committee during a brainstorming session on the development of the EDC site.

a. Keep design of site simple. Use a business approach.

b. Drive visitors to key areas.

c. Focus on the experience of first time users.

d. Include pictures on site; perhaps in slide show format.

e. To keep the process moving, the website committee will take the initial step of proposing a layout for EDC’s website. Committee discussed using interior and exterior photographs of area businesses (Rocking Horse Studio, Kentech, Pittsfield Weaving, Globe, Barry Podmore, Appleview Orchard, Rustic Pizza etc.)

f. Home page content is to be visible on one screen – no scrolling required.

g. Site to include EDC mission statement and EDC contact information.

h. Matt expressed concern that with the EDC operating as a separate site there will be a loss of navigation back to the Pittsfield site.

i. To avoid duplication of efforts, Clayton will check with EDC to see if they are putting together any information on the design of the website.

7. Christmas Tree Lighting

a. Bob will be working with the Chamber of Commerce to post portraits taken during the christmas tree lighting festivities.

8. Follow-up:

a. Clayton will talk with Andi Riel about Town Crier page.

b. Matt will work on development of Christmas information on the home page.

c. Clayton will contact EDC regarding any development made on design of EDC site.

d. Bob Legg will look at what images are available from area businesses.

9. Next Meeting: Tuesday, January 19, 2010.

10. Meeting Adjourned @ 8:30 pm

Minutes submitted by Harry Vogt, Secretary.