October 2, 2014 Minutes

October 2, 2014

Visit to Concord Area Trust for Community Housing (CATCH)

Attendees: Ralph O’Dell – Chair, Ted Mitchell – Secretary,
Clayton Wood, Jim Pritchard, Helen Schoppmeyer

Absent: Paul Metcalf

1. Call to Order at 7:45 at Town Hall and Traveled to
CATCH, Old Suncook Rd, Concord – Arrived 8:22 am
For 8:30 am meeting.

2. Meeting with Caite Fowley, In Charge of Development,
CATCH. Discussed the following:

A. CATCH is actively involved in Concord and Bow
B. Facility we met at:
– Low income elderly housing – 62+ but allowed to
Have spouse/roommate 55 yrs of age or older
– Apartments are one or two bedroom
— Emergency pull cord that alerts emergency services
— Bathrooms have raised toilets, wall grab bars and
wheelchair accessible showers
— Building has 3 floors with elevator
— First floor apartments are all handicap accessible
— Each floor has landing area
— First floor has function room (small kitchenette),
mail center, sitting room with gas fireplace
Activities planned by residents themselves but there are
community service days planned where residents can
create gardens, etc. in the greater community
— Outside building is barbeque area and raised gardens
– Resident Services Office:
— Coordinator (roving from one location to another)
sets up on-site flu shot clinic, seminars on topics
importance to residents

C. Finances:
– Housing and Urban Development (HUD) sets
Income qualification
– Some individuals have housing vouchers that can be
used to pay rent
– Depending on income, rent is from $600.00 to $800.00
– Resident can have assets but only no or little income
– No one pays more than 30-35% of income for rent
– Low Income Tax Credit Program – tax credits are
issued to CATCH from the state (yearly on a competitive
basis) and then CATCH sells them to investors. This
funds the building of these facilities

D. CATCH has created their own management company to
Manage all their properties, and “Home Team” that
provides first time home buyers with vital financial
information. CATCH is also working with “Independent
Living Concord” (parents of disabled adult children) to
create needed housing. CATCH is also working with
Laconia Area Trust and Neighbor Works of Southern NH.
They now cover 65% of the state providing councilors
and classes on subjects such as reverse mortgages

3. Will send Caite a copy of the 1999 and 2011 Plan NH
Charrettes. Will schedule her to meeting with Master Plan
Committee in Pittsfield to travel around town and see possible
sites for low income elderly housing.

4. Meeting with Caite ended at 9:45 am

5. Traveled to East Side Drive to view layout and buildings at

6. Returned to Pittsfield town hall 10:20 am and adjourned.

Prepared by: Ted Mitchell, Secretary

Submitted: Ralph O’Dell, Chair, Master Plan Committee