October 20, 2009 Meeting Notes

These minutes were posted by the Website.

Pittsfield Website Committee – October 20, 2009


The Pittsfield Website Committee was called to order @ 7:09 pm.

Members present:

Clayton Wood, Chair

Bob Legg

Bill Provencal

Matt Goodwin

Jen Elliott (Alternate)

Harry Vogt, Secretary


1.       Minutes:  of September 19, 2009 were approved.


2.       School Technology Committee:  Clayton is in the process of putting together a technology committee to work with the School.  If anyone on the committee is interested or knows of someone who may be interested in serving on this committee, let Clayton know. 


3.       Economic Development Committee and Revisions to Town Web Site: As changes to the website are contemplated the following guiding principles are to be kept in mind:

A.      Changes are to reflect mission of website – serve/inform the people of Pittsfield.

B.      Website is not intended to solely promote economic development.

C.      Existing content is to be kept.

D.      Web site needs to be easily maintained.


4.       Website Revisions: The following revisions were discussed:

A.      Simplify home page

B.      Keep calendar on home page

C.      Give EDC its own sub-web with prominent billing on the home page.

D.      Shorten list of public notices and community items.


5.       EDC site:  Committee will get website up and running under domain mypittsfield.com.  If maintenance of the site becomes too burdensome, Committee will reconsider donation of time/resources to maintain.  Website should have its own aesthetic/personality distinct from the Town site.


6.       Next Meeting: November 17, 2009


7.       Meeting Adjourned @ 8:11 pm


Minutes submitted by Harry Vogt, Secretary.