October 21, 2014 Minutes

October 21, 2014

Present: Chair, Dana Sansom, Treasurer, Nancy Fogg, Secretary J.C. Allard, Library Director, Beverly Pietlicki, Alternate Trustee, William Tahnk, Mr. Paul Nickerson citizen of Pittsfield.

Meeting Convened: The Treasurer called the meeting to order at 7:12 to address questions by Mr. Nickerson. The Chair arrived at 7:17 and assumed control of the meeting and proceeded with the business of the evening.

Acceptance of Minutes: Minutes of the September meeting reviewed and accepted with corrections.

Old Business: Reviewed the current status of the various projects making necessary repairs to reopen the Children’s Room and return to library to full service. Drainage and sidewalk project underway and repairs should be completed well prior to next scheduled meeting. Electrical work ready to begin, but needs a partial payment from the town in order to proceed with purchase of needed light fixtures. No difficulties anticipated at this time. Chair recommended that we proceed with an estimate for construction of a downstairs storage closet and drywall installation in small room adjacent to the rest rooms. All in concurrence. Jim will follow up with the vendor for the rose window repairs so that a down payment can be made and funds committed for that part of the overall project. The board will continue to seek a contractor to give an assessment of what might be necessary to repair the roof of the building and a cost estimate.

The Director introduced to the board a log she has created for the custodian to record needed repairs or maintenance discovered in the course of custodial activities. This will allow tracking of needs throughout the year and alleviate total reliance on the once a year walk through that the Trustees perform.

Motion made and seconded (Nancy/Jim) to allocate $1,400 from the Trust Fund and authorize the Director to expend said $1,400 in accordance with the applicable RSAs. Motion carried.

Director’s & Treasurer’s Reports: Both reports reviewed and accepted as presented.

New Business: Motion to formally accept future donations of money and property moved and seconded (Nancy/Jim). Motion carried.

Miscellaneous: Nancy reported that the Historical Society Board of Directors declines to join the State Library’s research data base at this time due to the advanced state of the Society’s own data base.

Policy Subcommittee Meeting: Nothing to report.

Next Monthly Meeting: November 18, 2014 at 7:00 p.m.

Adjournment: Motion to adjourn moved and seconded (Jim/Nancy). Motion carried. Adjourned at 8:49 p.m.

Submitted Respectfully submitted by JC Allard, Secretary