September 22, 2014 Minutes

SEPTEMBER 22, 2014

Attendees: Ralph O’Dell – Chair, Ted Mitchell – Secretary,
Clayton Wood, Jim Pritchard, Helen Schoppmeyer

Absent: Paul Metcalf

1. Call to Order at 7:17

2. Approval of August 25, 2014 Minutes – No Changes

4. CATCH Meeting: Thursday, October 2, 2014 8:30 am
– Will Meet at Town Hall 7:45 am and Travel to Concord

5. Town Welfare – Director, Bonnie Theriault
– Number of People Getting Assistance – 50%+ of Population

— Food Stamps/Fuel Assistance/Reduced School Lunch
Program/Rental Assistance
— There Are Assistance Programs for People in Need to Get
Cell Phone for Emergency and Basic Use (No Frills).

Fairpoint/Comcast Have Program (To Qualify Must Be On
Food Stamps or Have Child on Reduced School Lunch

Need to Get Metrocast To Provide This Service.

Tower Service Is Bad in Pittsfield.

– Due in Part to Landlords Not Screening Potential Tenants
People With No Way of Paying Rent Are Allowed to Rent.

Elm Grove Seems to Be the Only Landlord Screening
and It Has Reduced Problem Tenants for Them and
Welfare Assistance from the Town.

Landlords Need to Be Held Accountable, Somehow

– Towns Are Not Supposed to “Dump” Welfare
Recipients onto Other Towns. They Technically are
Doing That to Pittsfield

– Welfare Recipients Must Apply for 3 Jobs Each Week.
It Is Difficult Without Internet Access Since Most Jobs
Are Noted Online and Applications Are Filled Out There
As Well.

– Many Do Not Drive or Currently Have No Driving License
So It Is a Problem Getting to a Job Outside of Pittsfield.
— Need Bus Service To/From Concord

– Age Group That Has Fallen Through the Crack is 52-62.

– Bonnie Has Created a Good Paper Trail On Recipients
So Those Who Need & Qualify Get Assistance, But Those
Who Don’t Are Screened Out

– State Is Creating Software Program – General Assistance
Program (GAP). When Implemented All Towns Will Be
Able to Have Access (For a Fee, Based on Population).
Towns Will Be Able to Better Screen Applicants and Know
Who the Fraudulent Applicants Are.

– Needs to Be Better Coordination Between Various Programs.

6. Pittsfield Senior Center: Recap From Last Meeting

7. Zoning Proposal – District Changes, Will Discuss Next
Meeting, Paul Nickerson, 12 Norris Rd Will Attend

8. Next Meetings: October 2, 2014 (At CATCH – Concord)
October 13, 2014, Regular Meeting

9. Adjournment: 9:08

Prepared by: Ted Mitchell, Secretary

Submitted: Ralph O’Dell, Chair, Master Plan Committee